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MUSIC- It's what I do... It's who I Am... It's What I Live For. Artist - Performer I live for the applause, there is no better high than an audience loving and feeling a really great performance . Take some time... Get to know a little about me and see what truly makes me...LIKE NONE OTHER , I promise you'll be back for more.

The Different Sides of Me

J. None

  • Singer / Songwriter

    J. None

  • Actor

    J. None

  • Producer

    J. None

  • Comedian

    J. None

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J. NONE... Off the Record

Just some information about me - Just a sample, of what is to come in my new site. Can't wait for you to see all of my new projects. So, chill out, enjoy the preview, and subscribe!

Random Thoughts


  • Aspirations...

    Motown “The Musical” is doing casting now so I’m submitting a video of me singing a couple of The Temptations biggest records from the late 60s and early 70s. I’m very confident about what I’m submitting and I hope to get a callback. I would do my mother and my entire family proud if I were to belong to this production. Be on the look out cause anything can happen!

  • Deep Thoughts...

    I would like to learn gymnastics at some point. At least enough to be a tumble monkey in the “Festival of the Lion King” show at Disney. I’m picking the guitar back up this month for real so I can actually start playing it for performances and jam sessions.

  • Up and Coming...

    I’m starting to get more acquainted with my producer side as well. I’m great at coming up with melodies and catchy chord progressions oozing with feeling and all, but I need work with programming my drums in the software programs and quantization. I won’t quit until I’m a beast at everything!

  • I Love...

    J.None loves peanut butter grandma cookies, cheesecake and bang bang chicken and shrimp from Cheesecake factory. He also loves to joke around and be the “class clown”. Most people don’t know this but he’s actually working on some comedic material to take a stab at a career in comedy.

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Jessie "J.None" Nunn III


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